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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Egyptian Body Paint

I've been feverishly working on editing images as often as possible in order to bring my previous creations to you! I'm just starting to photograph my own work, and still learning to edit properly. I know that this will become easier and I'll get faster with turn around, so i appreciate the patience. ;) Here are a few images from the body paint competition at Tattoolapalooza  2013 in Miami Florida.

Work In Progress

My gorgeous model Yezenia and I had 6 hrs to paint live, in front of the convention crowd, our own design.   Because Yezzy is so exotic and strikingly beautiful, I chose an Egyptian theme. I went with an intricate collar, depicting a sacred scarab holding the sun and crescent moon. Colorful beads and stenciled texture completed the necklace. I used Wolfe FX Aztec Gold and Copper to give her skin an all over bronzed look.
  The head of Horus    was used on the side as clasps.                     

Blue and green stylized louts flowers climb up her hips while glyphs of the gods Horus and Anubis adorn her thighs.

To make the piece a little more interactive, I attempted to place the hissing open mouth of a black asp on the palm of her hand, as it's body wrapped around her arm.

 I finished the look off with a custom made Egyptian crown and some gold fabric for public decency. I respect my models and feel that for a public event such as this, the most private areas should be covered a bit more.

We had such a great time meeting all the convention goers, tattoo artist and other painters! At the end of our time we went up to the main stage for the crown judging. Yezzy's winning personality and ability to seduce a crowd won them over! we took first place and a cash prize! I truly believe and repeat very often that a body painter is nothing with out their model. It can really make a big difference in the piece and how the viewer perceives it. Especially when it's live!

I'd like to thank #Tattoolapalooza for the chance to compete, #AbbyTrent for the use of her color cup, #WolfeFXMakeup for their amazing products, #BadAssStencils for creating a huge variety of awesome stencils, #YezeniaAlmeida for her body and beauty, and all the amazing convention goers that cheered so loudly for us!
Egyptian Design Reference
And if you want to do an Egyptian themed piece of your own, here's a great piece of reference I found while researching online!

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