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Monday, March 11, 2013

Natural Oils for Skin

Hi friends! So, as a makeup artist I think that the care and preservation of your skin is very important.  I myself am guilty of not being too kind to my epidermis when I was younger. I tanned and hung out at the beach far too much. I also slept with makeup on ... alot! As I matured and realized that you only get one skin suit, I've started taking much better care of it. A better diet, drinking much more water and using gentle and natural products on my skin has been key.
Recently, I've switched from my beloved Aveeno moisturizer to natural oils. After reading the Aveeno ingredients,  which include 3 types of alcohol (drying), I decided a natural plant based oil couldn't be worse. I was right! It's amazing! My skin is tighter, more even and almost imperfection free! Now, mind you, my skin was pretty nice before, but it went through phases. After 2 months of using only oils to moisturize, it's good.. all the time.
I personally use a blend of Virgin cold pressed olive oil and sweet almond oil. Olive when I'm very dry and Almond the rest of the time. Now, i'm starting to experiment with the blends and different oils. Here are two very useful pages I've found that explain the oils and their uses really well!

(She has a ton of great info, recipes and natural beauty tips! Follow her blog!)


Using oils on your skin may take some getting used to and may require patience and trial and error. Give your new oil a few days before deciding whether it's too much or not enough. And a little goes a long way!
For those that get body painted or get their face painted, make sure your skin is CLEAN AND OIL FREE before being painted. Water based face and body paint react differently to oils than a regular makeup foundation.
I hope this snippet of info has been helpful. Let that skin glow gurl! or boy!  ;)

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